Brad Richey, owner of Richmond, Missouri-based Richey Chiropractic, knows a thing or two about humble beginnings. Almost 25 years ago, he started his practice in a 500 square foot building, with one used adjusting table that his grandfather bought him. He had two patients – his mom and his grandmother (and for anyone whose wondering, no, he didn’t charge them). With typewriter in tow because he couldn’t afford a computer, Richey was the owner, chiropractor, accountant, secretary, receptionist, janitor, medical biller and coder all in one. It was a one-man show.

“I started working a few patients I knew in Richmond because this is where I am from,” he said. “It was one of those experiences where once they gave you an opportunity, you had to prove yourself or they wouldn’t be back.” Richey said the blessings came from there. Those two people told two more, and so on. His patients kept coming back. “People just spread the word…We didn’t do much advertising because we didn’t have a lot of money at that time. Our business was 99 percent referral. My days were long whether I had one patient or 15.”

A few years later, Richey Chiropractic moved to a larger facility they purchased by the Dollar General. There for two years, Richey was able to purchase another building on Main Street that at the time was already an existing chiropractic building. They functioned out of there for 17 years. Today, Richey Chiropractic is located at 39547 Business Highway 10, a building that previously served as a medical office.

Established growth

It’s safe to say, Richey Chiropractic has experienced tremendous growth with three chiropractors – Richey, Dr. Stephanie Williams-Boguskie at the Richmond office, and Dr. Angela M. Gardner at their second – Carrollton Chiropractic Clinic (1300 North U.S. Highway 65 in Carrollton.) Prior to purchasing the Carrollton office, Richey would practice there one day out of the week. As fate would have it, Carrollton had a huge need for chiropract services, and their longtime chiropractor was retiring. Richey was able to buy the practice and create a footprint there.

In addition to the added chiropractors and second office, Richey Chiropractic as added three massage therapists, with a total of 11 employees. “It’s not just Brad anymore…It’s so much bigger that we ever anticipate,” said Paula Richey, wife and office manager. Dr. Williams-Boguskie, who is referred to as “Dr. Stephanie,” started with Richey Chiropractic while just 16 years old. “She started as a chiropractic assistant, went to chiropractic school, and came back last October as a doctor,” Paula said. “Ten years ago, she was just a young kid who cared about her hair and makeup and what shoes she wore.” Dr. Stephanie has made her mark on the practice. Take their all black uniforms for instance. That was her idea to give everyone a uniformed look with their names embroidered. “It looks so professional,” Paula said. “Everybody looks good in black.”

Health adjustments

Today, Dr. Stephanie’s roll is chiropractor. She’ll tell you that most people will benefit from an adjustment. “People who work in offices sit in prolonged positions, and those who work in factories or warehouses often have their arms over their heads. This puts strain and abnormally positions the spine,” she said. “As a result, muscles will shorten, lengthen, tighten, weaken or become inhibited around these structures.” That’s when the pain comes, and Dr. Stephanie says it could be happening without warning.

The nervous system is sometimes called the body’s switchboard because it controls virtually everything. Dr. Stephanie says when the nervous system becomes inhibited it can lead to headaches, tension, stress and pain. “As chiropractors, we clear up the interference by allowing the vertebras in the spine to move properly (to become uninhibited),” she said. They also address other things beyond the spine. Foot conditions, like plantar fasciitis, knee conditions and other ailments – and even recommendations for physical activities are a regular part of chiropractic treatment.

Another condition chiropractors address is myofascial restrictions, or pain caused by tightness around tissues that surround and support muscles throughout the body. Richey Chiropractic is well-versed in instrument assisted soft tissue muscle mobilization to provide relief to patients who suffer from discomfort and pain. Additional therapies include kinesiology, muscle adhesions, among other therapies to address or mitigate joint pain.

Nothing to fear

For those who think about the benefits of relieving body pain, discomfort, stressed or tight joints and muscles. but cringe at the thought of being maneuvered while things pop, Dr. Stephanie says there is nothing to fear. “The process if very gentle. We’ll walk through how I will approach the adjustment, before anything begins, I demonstrate what specifically will happen, and answer every question before we get started. It’s actually very gentle and very quick. The more effective your chiropractor is, the less painful it will be.” She adds there are also steps that can be taken at home to minimize the soreness and pain post adjustment.

Chiropractor vs. Opioids or Cause vs. Effect

It’s not ethical for a chiropractor to suggest a patient stop taking an opioid regiment that is prescribed by a doctor and taken as prescribed. However, Dr. Stephanie says a visit to the chiropractor in some case could potentially reduce the need for the narcotic. Opioids address the effects of the condition that is causing the pain. The chiropractor addresses the cause of the condition. “The drug doesn’t uncover why a person is having a particular issue,” she said. “It doesn’t address the structural foundation issue happening that creates the pain. Pain originates from the nervous system and receptors in the body.”

She further explains that chiropractors look at the spine and musculature to see why a patient is having the pain. “Through a chiropractic adjustment we can address the structural abnormality [causing] the pain and hopefully decrease the need for opioids, although we can’t guarantee there will be no pain.

Essential to whole body health

Richey Chiropractic also provides a full suite of doTERRA essential oil products that address any myriad of conditions that cover everything from the physiological spectrum to the emotional. Prior to joining the team, a massage therapist approached them about selling the essential oils. Paula said up until that point, they had only sold Biofreeze. Interested, they decided to test the oils personally to see the benefits firsthand. “We saw what a great health advantage they offered, so we decided to carry them,” she said. “It’s a pretty big business for us. We keep every oil in stock.”

Love turns patients into family

This October, Richey Chiropractic celebrates 25 years. When asked what’s the big lesson, Richey said, “Love your patients. When you truly love your patients, and enjoy what you are doing, you will always do what’s best for the patient. Just love your patients.” He adds that even though Richey Chiropractic is getting larger, it’s all about family. “If you come through our doors, you are family. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for my biological family that I wouldn’t do for my patients.”

As for the business of chiropractic services, Richey says it’s becoming more widely accepted as a specialty. He has doctors and surgeons that regular come to him for adjustments and who also refer patients. It’s also important to note that Missouri Medicaid is now covering chiropractic services. The caveat is the State has no funds to cover these services until this summer. However, when funds are available, Richey is ready to accept Medicaid patients.

For more information, or for same-day appointments, contact the Richmond office at 816.776.3979, or the Carrollton office at 660.542.2441.