When it comes to receiving needed health care, the Live Well Community Health Centers of Buckner, Carrollton, Concordia and Waverly have programs available to help low-income individuals and children gain insurance. MO HealthNet, MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind and Disabled, Show-Me Healthy Babies, Presumptive Eligibility (PE), and Uninsured Women’s Health Services and Temp Cards for Pregnant Women are among the programs the Centers leverage to help those who qualify. As the window for open enrollment in the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace narrows, these programs are timely for women and children who need immediate health care services.

Presumptive Eligibility Requirements PE allows individuals who meet certain requirements to receive MO HealthNet benefits for a period of time. Eligibility under PE is temporary but allows immediate access to coverage, and provides an opportunity for individuals to get connected with longer-term coverage options. Individuals who are approved for PE must apply to Family Support Division for MO Health Network coverage within five days of the application. HCC has qualified, trained employees at each clinic to help individuals complete these applications.

Individuals who are eligible for PE determination include:

● Pregnant women (temporary MO HealthNet during pregnancy)
● Infants and children under age 19
● CHIP for unborn children
● Show-Me Healthy Babies

Eligibility determination is based on information provided by the applicant (applicant self-attested).

Individuals who meet guidelines will be approved that day for temporary insurance. Anyone who received PE in the last 12 months is not eligible. To get help determining eligibility or completing the application process, contact Iva Eggert at 816.263.2803 or Shelly Harden at 660.259.2440.

If you receive Medicaid, please read:

Medicaid recipients must complete and return the Medicaid Review Form or risk losing state-funded health insurance. Health Care Collaborative (HCC) of Rural Missouri provides assistance completing and submitting Medicaid Review Form to prevent loss of benefit. The Missouri Family Support Division conducts an annual review of food stamps and Medicaid beneficiaries. To date, nearly 10,000 forms have been mailed to food stamp and Medicaid recipients. More will be mailed in the coming days. It is essential for recipients to be aware of this issue, and the importance of an up-to-date address with the FSD office to ensure they continue to receive services. Those who don’t complete and return the five-page form may likely lose coverage. Recipients, in many cases, don’t find out coverage has been dropped until they seek medical services.

To report an address change to FSD:

• Call 1.855.373.4636 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• Visit a local FSD office.

• Visit

• Call the 24-7 Family Support Division automated line at 1.800.392.1261.

• Call Iva Eggert, who works as an offsite FSD worker for HCC, at 816.263.2803. She can complete the form by phone and submit by fax to the FSD office.

For more information, visit and-babies