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Feds Draft Legislation to Define 'Telehealth'

Bipartisan bill defines telehealth and provides principles to guide states considering telehealth policies. Read More.

11 Telemedicine Tools Transforming Healthcare

What's fueling the healthcare industry's interest in telemedicine? Better mobile technologies and more mature electronic health records (EHRs) and clinical decision support (CDS) systems lead the list. Read More.

Telehealth can connect rural areas with medical care

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services estimates that a quarter of rural counties in the state are short on primary care physicians. Forty-one do not even have a hospital. But doctors can connect with these areas through telehealth.Read More.

Telehealth takes off in Rural Areas

Some 42 percent of U.S. hospitals have adopted telehealth platforms and are using the technology to treat patients. Read More.

Telemedicine keeps seniors out of nursing homes

Many Americans live in fear that an elderly parent will fall at home and get hurt without anyone there to help. Thanks to a fast-growing field known as telemedicine, that worry may become a thing of the past. Read More.

Medicare Expands Definition of "Rural" for Telehealth Services

Effective January 1, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is expanding the definition of “originating sites” to include health professional shortage areas that are located in rural census tracts of Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Read More.

Mind Blowing Telehealth Statistics and Trends

Thanks to the rise of telehealth and mHealth, a transformation in the delivery of health information and services is quickly taking place, both in the US and abroad. Read More.

Global Telehealth Market to Grow by 18.5% Through 2018

According to the report, a shortage of physicians in rural areas combined with continuous development of telecommunications technology will drive the increase. Read More.

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